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Silence Knight

Author: Irene Estep
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Kevin R. Tipple

541As a book reviewer, I try to get to all the books that I have agreed to review in a timely manner. Unfortunately, in the case of this very enjoyable novel, I failed. Through a combination of factors in and out of my control, I have had this book for nearly a year and have finally read and reviewed it. I apologize to the author and the publisher for taking so long with this novel.

As this novel opens, Claire Barlow is the sole support for her sister Maggie and her three-year-old niece. But financially and emotionally supporting them just got harder as Claire has suddenly been fired from her job by Vernon Carter. Emotionally and physically exhausted upon her arrival at home, the last thing she wants to do is go back out to the store for some sugar. Instead, she goes next door, where the new neighbors have moved in, to borrow a cup of sugar. She finds a woman barely alive, shot on the chest, in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor.

As the woman dies, she gasps out a few apparently meaningless words. Then Claire is grabbed by a man who asks, "Who sent you?" Stunned and shocked by what she has seen, she has no idea of what he is talking about or what has happened. He flees the house and takes the unwilling Claire with him, promising to kill her if she does not cooperate. They leave as the house explodes behind them. He believes she was sent to kill him and only managed to kill his handler. Despite her protests of innocence to the contrary, he forces her to drive the getaway car and go on the run with him.

What follows is a twisting tale of political corruption and ruthless killers as Claire and the stranger go on the run. As in other novels I have had the pleasure to read from this author, romance is a major component of the work. However, in this case, the mystery component is also paramount as the chase ensues and the two become united to survive as well as to solve the mystery. Slowly, as they hide on the run from those that want them dead, they learn of each other's backgrounds as well as developing a romantic relationship that may survive beyond the events depicted in this book. Along with character development and humor, this book is another fine novel by Irene Estep and not an easy one to put down.


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